Who are the New England Women?

The National Society of New England Women was organized in 1895 with the object of "Bringing together women of similar background of New England ancestry to engage in charitable, educational and patriotic work and thus perpetuate the lofty ideals and examples of their forefathers".  Local colonies are located throughout the United States.

What do the New England Women do?

We have several charitiable projects which include:

Kurn Hattin Homes - a residential school for underprivileged boys and girls in Westminster, VT.

Clarke School for the Deaf - the first institution using the oral method of teaching the deaf.

Financial assistance to the Soldiers', Sailors', Marines' and Airmen's Club in New York City

Financial assistance to the U.S.O. clubs and veterans' hospitals.
       Student loans - Maude Brown Pendleton Student Loan for a student at Pacific University
                       and  Emma Hardy Slade Student Loans for students at Middlebury College,
                       St. Lawrence University, Baldwin Wallace College and Austin College.

Who is eligible to join the New England Women?

   Any woman who is eighteen years of age or older, who can prove descent from one or more ancestors born in New England prior to the signing of the Constitution of the United States in 1789 is eligible.  Membership is by invitation but inquiries may be directed to the local  Colony.   In addition, there are special membership categories for boys and girls under six years of age (Cradle Roll) and girls aged six through 18 (Juniors).

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